Guides. Whitepapers. Ebooks. Infographics. Templates. Comparison charts. Reports. Sell sheets. Flyers. Anything you can think of and some other stuff you haven’t yet considered.

Picture it: this time next month, your prospect could be reclining at her cottage, browsing through (and loving) your brand-spanking new ebook or guide. It answers the very questions she was going to ask during an upcoming sales call. It helps her jump the most common barriers to purchase. She breathes a quiet “Amen” under her breath, because she now has the solution (yours) to solve all her challenges. 


“Common barriers to purchase”, “biggest challenges your prospects face” and “frequently asked questions” are all great seeds to inspire content that will have the sales team patting you on the back. Why? Because that’s the kind of marketing collateral that will help move prospects down the funnel over and over again, without sales lifting a finger.

Now, which format of content? It depends on your prospect’s question, and what stage they’re at in the funnel:

  • Infographics: Help me understand this process or help me digest these industry stats.
  • Guides/Ebooks: Can you help me visualize on how I could use X to achieve Y?
  • Whitepapers: Show me the numbers. I.E. What the rest of the industry is doing.
  • Templates:  Help me work through some background thinking to understand if this purchase is right for our organization.
  • Comparison chart: How do you stack up against other vendors?
  • Reports: Can you share benchmarks and results from similar companies?
  • Pitch decks: How do I sell through this purchase to other stakeholders?



Writing content to drive campaigns for a number of B2B and B2C organizations, I understand that the voice of the customer is at the heart of good, impactful marketing. And as a content manager, I understand that each new content investment needs to deliver a measurable impact on your conversion rates and on your bottom line.

  • Fresh out of ideas? Let’s brainstorm topics and formats that will resonate with your prospects.
  • You’ve got a great idea and need some research and copywriting support? I’m in.
  • Building out a series of content for a nurture campaign (and also the nurture campaign itself)? Let’s talk funnel strategy.