Big content needs, and no time to produce it all? From building an editorial calendar to managing design and review, you need a ringleader, a storyteller, and quite frankly, a pro wrestler.

Your in-house content manager has just left, you’ve got more half-finished projects than you know what to do with and you need some support. Or perhaps you’re gradually building a marketing team and aren’t quite ready to invest in a full-time content manager. Or you ARE the in-house content manager and most days, you’d desperately like to clone yourself.


Some days, content managers will head into the ring with the executives to get buy-in for an innovative new strategy. Other days they’ll be wading through a pile of website content from 3 different writers and trying to ensure consistent voice and tone. In between, you’ll likely find them arm wrestling with your designer or videographer over layouts or video music. It’s a wild ride, and you need someone who is creative and buoyant with incredible people skills and razor-sharp writing chops. And a nose for a good story.



Having worked as a content manager for several B2B and B2C organizations, I’ve developed skills and strategies to streamline marketing processes and produce impactful customer-focused content. Do you need someone who:

  • Possesses a ready-set-go attitude, can rapidly get their head around a new business and can jump into a new project?
  • Has successfully built and managed enterprise content-at-scale processes, style guides, and a writing team to achieve big, big content goals?
  • Loves collaborating with writers, designers, videographers and developers?
  • Isn’t afraid of rallying the troops, facilitating brainstorms and navigating (inevitable) conflict in order to execute a content strategy?