The best way to answer prospect and customer questions, aside from actually talking to them.

And there are so many interesting ways to answer those questions. Ghost-written posts by internal technical experts. Interviews with your happiest clients. Q and As with your front-lines sales team.  All this to build trust with prospects, showing them that you’re their number-one trusted source of rock solid information.  And let’s not forget that blogging can also help you rise through the organic search ranks for the keywords you care about.


But you knew that already. You’re actually here because:

  • You’re fresh out of topic ideas.
  •  Your blog posts sound the same as your competitors (or worse).
  • You’re not sure how to extract the thought-leadership that’s hiding somewhere in your organization.

Or you have all the answers, but are seriously short on time or resources to manage ongoing blogging. It’s a lot of work, right?



Managing blog strategy, writing, editing and publishing for several B2B and B2C organizations, I’ve developed:

  • Topic ideation strategies that connect to customer needs and motivations.
  • Ghostwriting programs to elevate the voices experts around your organization and add editorial variation to your blog.
  • Editorial calendars, blog templates to make the entire process easier to manage.

Still reading? Well-written web copy has that effect. Get in touch for more of the same!