Content Strategy. Copywriting. Content Management.

In other words, I know how to wrangle prose (and people) to create impactful content that delivers solid business results.


The best way to answer prospect questions, aside from actually talking to them. Also, one of the more effective methods of driving organic search traffic to your website.


It’s time to educate, engage, nurture and persuade your prospects. And, help shorten the sales cycle


It’s the face of your brand and the voice of your product. Also, 100% of your organization needs to sign off that it’s 100% perfect. Not exactly a content cake walk.

Case Studies

What could resonate better with prospects than a story about how you’ve helped customers just like them? Case studies convert, plain and simple.

Guides & Whitepapers

And everything else. Email campaigns. Infographics. Templates. Comparison charts. Reports. Sell sheets. Flyers. Postcards. Anything you can think of and some other stuff you haven’t yet considered.

Content Management

Big content needs and no time to produce it all? From managing design to building an editorial calendar, it can all get a bit overwhelming. You need a ringleader. Or maybe you are the ringleader and you need to clone yourself.


Fledgling start-ups, medium-sized businesses or global enterprises

Working with a smattering of clients in B2C and B2B organizations, I’ve flexed my content chops writing everything from website copy for biochemical manufacturers to case studies for telecommunications, to expedition travel webinars. What can I say? I like variety.


digital advertising

digital forensics software

data centres

enterprise legal management software

ergonomic furniture

event technology

expedition travel

leadership consulting

management consulting


small business solutions

security systems


During our partnership, I've seen Sarah not only excel at the core elements of her job -- like copywriting and project management -- but also drive other initiatives, including the scaling of education and knowledge for her writing team around our brand guidelines and products, as well as helping to create an easier process and operation for producing stories.

—Caitlin Meyer Lacey
Instagram, Marketing & Small and Medium Businesses